99. Byron MOWERY (121) was born about 1857 in Ohio.

Susannah STROUS(122) (daughter of David H. STROUS and Mary Ann BOCHART) was born on 29 May 1860 in Ohio. Byron MOWERY and Susannah STROUS had the following children:

+250 i. David MOWERY.
+251 ii. Fred MOWERY.
+252 iii. Cloyde MOWERY.
253 iv. Frank MOWERY.
254 v. Grace MOWERY died. Died at 3 months of age.
255 vi. Darrel MOWERY died. Died at 8 years of age.
+256 vii. Mary Ann MOWERY.
+257 viii. John MOWERY.
+258 ix. Nell MOWERY.
+259 x. Alice MOWERY.
+260 xi. Ruth MOWERY.
+261 xii. William Byron MOWERY.

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