234. James Richard O'HANLON was born on 12 Jan 1952 in Middletown Middlesex Co. Connecticut.

He was married to Sarah Amelia CONRAD-WARREN on 17 Jan 1972 in Rochester Michigan. He was divorced from Sarah Amelia CONRAD-WARREN on 10 Feb 1983. Sarah Amelia CONRAD-WARREN was born on 11 Nov 1949. James Richard O'HANLON and Sarah Amelia CONRAD-WARREN had the following children:

child301 i. Amelia Marie O'HANLON was born on 13 Feb 1976 in Ithaca New York.
child302 ii. Brady Whitson O'HANLON was born on 28 Nov 1978 in Rochester New York.

He was married to Lisa BOSTON on 19 Jul 1992 in Tampa Florida.

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