262. Leona Carol OLDHAM was born on 16 Aug 1941 in Freona Texas.

She was married to Royal Don MCMAHAN on 22 Sep 1957 in Freona Texas. Married at the Methodist Church She was divorced from Royal Don MCMAHAN. Royal Don MCMAHAN was born on 21 Jul 1938. Leona Carol OLDHAM and Royal Don MCMAHAN had the following children:

348 i. Ray Len MCMAHAN was born on 12 Jan 1960 in Friona Texas. Parmer Co. Hospital
349 ii. Ronald Mitch MAMAHAN was born on 29 Jan 1961 in Friona Texas. Parmer Co. Hospital

She was married to Steve NUGENT on 28 Apr 1962. Steve NUGENT was born on 13 Mar 1936 in Shreveport Louisiana. Leona Carol OLDHAM and Steve NUGENT had the following children:

350 i. Scott Randall NUGENT was born on 24 Jun 1963 in Detroit Michigan.

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