105. Gwendolyn Genevieve GRIFFITH was born on 3 May 1915 in Hocking Twp. Fairfield Co. Ohio. (96) RFD #6 She died on 27 Nov 1984 in Lancaster Fairfield Co. Ohio.(97) Residing at 858 Reese Avenue Lancaster Ohio She was buried on 30 Nov 1984 in Forest Rose Cemetery Lancaster Fairfield Co. Ohio. Frank E. Smith Funeral Home Lancaster Ohio Friday 10:30 A.M. OFFICIATING: Rev. Harold Sturm NOTE: She was born where mile hill is at old US 22

NOTE: Family Search Social Security Death Index SSAN # 287-62-2284.

She was married to Thomas Theodore LAPE (son of Daniel Webster LAPE and Ida May FINNEY) on 11 Nov 1933. Thomas Theodore LAPE was born on 6 Oct 1905. He died on 23 Aug 1962 in Lancaster Fairfield Co. Ohio.(98) Acute Anterior Coronary Occlusion Lived at 858 Reese Avenue Lancaster Ohio at the time of his death. He was buried on 25 Aug 1962 in Forest Rose Cemetery. Lancaster Fairfield Co. Ohio. Ray H. Wise Funeral Home SSAN 280-07-9309 Worked at Anchor Hocking for many years Gwendolyn Genevieve GRIFFITH and Thomas Theodore LAPE had the following children:

+196 i. Thomas Richard LAPE.
+197 ii. Ernest Daniel LAPE.
198 iii. Gwendolyn Juanita LAPE was born on 2 Jun 1944 in Lancaster Fairfield Co. Ohio. NOTE: Born at home 936 Reese Ave now it is 858 Reese. She died on 4 Dec 1944 in Lancaster Fairfield Co. Ohio. MEDICAL: Gathered Ear & meningitis
+199 iv. Darlene Rebecca LAPE.

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