82. Martha Gertrude GRIFFITH was born on 11 Jul 1912 in Chaney Ellis Co. Oklahoma. She was baptized into the LDS church on 23 Jul 1966. She was endowed on 3 Mar 1977 in the Provo Utah LDS temple. She was buried in Jan 1983 in Lebonon Cemetery Cortez Colorado. She died on 14 Jan 1983 in Cortez Colorado.

She was married to Duffy Taft (DICK) ELLIOTT on 25 Jun 1929 in Clovis Curry Co. New Mexico. Duffy Taft (DICK) ELLIOTT was born on 16 Feb 1911 in Snyder Kiowa Co. Oklahoma. He was buried in Apr 1972 in Lebanon Cemetery Cortez Colorado. He died on 2 Apr 1972. Martha Gertrude GRIFFITH and Duffy Taft (DICK) ELLIOTT had the following children:

159 i. Forrest Clinton ELLIOTT was born on 6 Feb 1930 in Friona Texas. He was buried in Aug 1934 in Lebanon Cemetery Cortez Colorado. He died on 12 Aug 1934 in Cortez Colorado. Died at home.
+160 ii. Richard James ELLIOTT.
161 iii. Lonnie Earl ELLIOTT was born on 7 Oct 1934 in Cortez Colorado.
+162 iv. Jerry Lynn ELLIOTT.
163 v. Vonda Gaye ELLIOTT was born on 27 Jan 1953 in Cortez Colorado. Memorial Hospital
164 vi. Glen Douglas ELLIOTT was born on 20 Feb 1958 in Cortez Colorado. Memorial Hospital

CONFLICT: If this birthdate is correct mother would be 45. Need confirmation.

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