Industry Affairs

Please e-mail or call him at (937)431-8960, if you have any questions.


   Develop means of enhancing the interchange of ideas, methods, and cooperation between the military and industry.  Identify public-private sector issues which inhibit sound business practices and develop interchanges aimed at overcoming them.  Sponsor programs devoted to small, disadvantaged, and woman-owned business issues and opportunities.  Disseminate government privatization and outsourcing plans.

Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection Conference

   This conference will give our sustaining members the background on the Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection (AT/FP) program; the information on potential aggressors, their likely targets and tactics; a tutorial on vulnerability assessments, which determine levels of asset protection; the many program policies, guidelines, and directives; and the current design and construction standards.  Ultimately, we want to provide you some tools to better understand and develop appropriate, effective, unobtrusive, and economical protective designs for public and government infrastructure.

Industry Roundtable

   Every year the roundtable gathers to inform our sustaining member firms of current and future business opportunities and any trends or implications associated with those opportunities.  This normally happens in the fall timeframe, so keep a lookout.  The program features a full slate of US Army Corps, US Air Force, and other government agency representatives who discuss their respective future outlooks.

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