Golden Pencil Award Winners

1st Semester 1998-99

2nd 3rd 4th
Adv Pre-Calc Pascal 7.0 Adv Algebra II
--------------------- ------------------- -------------------
Brent Kirkland Brian Sejas Irina Vasiliu
Jacob Groshek Matt Petrillo Nick Douville
Brent Kirkland Meagan Wimmers Ben Freeze
Andrea Dorsten Jared Ashley Cara Williams
Audrey Rosengarten Meagan Wimmers Ashley Middelberg
Jacob Groshek Jared Ashley J.J. Gantt
Phillip Heyse Meagan Wimmers Nick Douville
Brent Kirkland Ashley Middelberg
Nick Brown Josh Varvel
Audrey Rosengarten Nick Douville
Juliana Pernik
Nick Douville
Irina Vasiliu

5th 6th 7th
Adv Algebra II Adv Pre-Calc Adv Alg II
------------------- ------------------- -------------------
Lisa Hall Mike Benko Carrie Peters
Anne Fitzpatrick Steven Price Jeff Case
John McIntire Mike Benko Lyndsey Grunewald
Becky Snyder Ryan Higgins Carrie Peters
Sara Adamson Greg Kohls Jill Beckman
Sarah Scherrer Mike Benko Chris Juan
Sarah Scherrer Ryan Higgins Seethal Jacob
Anne Fitzpatrick Marty Schultz Carrie Peters
Sarah Scherrer Mike Benko Jenny Schulz
Anne Fitzpatrick Carrie Peters
Sarah Scherrer Carrie Peters
Joe Davis

2nd Semester 1998-99

2nd 3rd 4th
Adv Pre-Calc: Adv Pre-Calc: Pascal 7.0:
The Euclidean Elephants and Polar Pachyderms Hooked on Conics www.dorks.pas
---------------------------------------- ------------- ----------------
Jodie Kelly Patrick Roach Jared Ashley
Audrey Rosengarten Brittany McCune Meagan Wimmers
Audrey Rosengarten Mike Benko Meagan Wimmers
Audrey Rosengarten Mike Benko Meagan Wimmers
Audrey Rosengarten Steven Price Matt Petrillo
Audrey Rosengarten Brent Kirkland Meagan Wimmers
Phillip Heyse Brent Kirkland Justin Kohnen
Megan Thibodeau Mike Benko Matt Petrillo
Andrea Dorsten Steven Price
Audrey Rosengarten
Audrey Rosengarten

5th 6th 7th
Adv Algebra II: Adv Alg II: Adv Alg II:
The Quadratic Fanatics & One Degenerate The Mad Matrix Sieben Loggers of the Knight
---------------------------------- ------------ -----------------------
Jenny Schulz Greg Raffio Anne Fitzpatrick
Carrie Peters Greg Raffio Seethal Jacob
Kara Brogan Greg Raffio Seethal Jacob
Ruth Hinde Greg Raffio Greg Eckert
Jenny Schulz Greg Raffio Sarah Scherrer
Carrie Peters Greg Raffio Nick Vicen
Cara Williams Greg Raffio Ashley Middelberg
Chris Juan Greg Raffio Michael Grant
Nick Douville Greg Raffio Sarah Scherrer
Ben Freeze Greg Raffio Lisa Hall
Carrie Peters Ashley Middelberg
Ben Freeze Lisa Hall
Jill Beckmann Seethal Jacob
Kara Brogan Ashley Middelberg
Nick Douville Ashley Middelberg
Ruth Hinde

A Golden Pencil Award is earned by achieving the highest score in a class on any test given by Mr. Peters. Golden Pencils are prized for their chameleon-like qualities, their good-luck-charm capabilities, and their quarter-average-raising abilities.
Congratulations to all of these students!

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Last updated: Jun 7th, 1999