Golden Pencil
Award Winners

1st Semester 2002-2003

1st 2nd 3rd
Integrated Algebra 1 Honors PreCalculus Programming
1.Joey Bavaro 1.Lauren Cushman 1.David Lucking
2.Molly McCollum 1.Hannah Merrill 2.Nick Bolton
3.Molly McCollum 1.Lindsey Woeste 3.Mike Cengia
4.Molly McCollum 2.Emily Wenker 4.David Lucking
5.Ben Shively 3.Jon Bonnet 5.Nick Bolton
6.Molly McCollum 3.Amanda Reeber 6.Nick Bolton
7.Molly McCollum 4.Amanda Reeber 6.Art Bull
8.Andy Strobhar 5.Jon Bonnet 7.Mike Cengia
9.Joey Bavaro 5.Jordan Mezoff ex David Lucking
10.Emilee Frazier 6.Andy Vicen
11.Andy Strobhar 7.Elizabeth Leschansky
12.Joey Bavaro 7.Jessica Mancz
12.Andy Strobhar 8.Elizabeth Leschansky
13.Andy Strobhar 8.Lindsey Woeste
ex Andy Strobhar 9.Ali Hausfeld
9.Elizabeth Leschansky
10.Katie Willcox
11.Emily Wenker
ex Lindsey Woeste

4th 5th 7th
Honors Algebra 2/Trig Honors PreCalculus Honors Algebra 2/Trig
1.Lyndsey Timpone 1.Stacy Baker 1.Sarah Part
2.Allie Davido 1.Kevin Riazzi 2.Michael Horwath
3.Allie Davido 2.Kevin Riazzi 3.Colin Meyer
4.Danielle Fisher 3.Alyssa Schaeff 4.Michael Horwath
5.Rachel Snyder 4.Kevin Riazzi 4.Colin Meyer
6.Allie Davido 5.Katie McCormick 4.Sarah Part
6.Mark Eilerman 6.Kevin Riazzi 5.Colin Meyer
7.Danielle Fisher 7.Tony Bell 6.Colin Meyer
8.Allie Davido 7.Kevin Riazzi 6.Andrew Smith
9.Allie Davido 8.Ryan Coyle 7.Sarah Part
9.Lindsey Hampshire 9.Stacy Baker 8.Mandy Robbe
9.Erin Shafer 9.Meghann Hausmann 9.Sarah Part
10.Mark Eilerman 9.Chris Roderer 10.Kenny Gannon
ex Lauren Wagoner 10.Kevin Riazzi 10.Claire Kunesh
11.Katie McCormick 10.Sarah Part
ex Kevin Riazzi ex Colin Meyer

2nd Semester 2002-2003

1st 2nd 3rd
Integrated Algebra 1 Honors PreCalculus Programming
1.Katy Neal 1.Emily Wenker 1.Mike Cengia
2.Molly McCollum 2.Amy Wetterau 2.Nick Bolton
3.Katy Neal 3.Adam Kuntavanish 2.Art Bull
4.Andy Strobhar 4.Nicole Enouen 3.Mike Cengia
5.Ben Shively 5.Jon Bonnet 4.Nick Bolton
6.Austin Hicks 6.Katie Willcox 5.Art Bull
6.Ben Shively 7.Jon Bonnet ex Tae Dempsey
7.Andy Strobhar 8.Jon Bonnet ex David Lucking
8.Joey Bavaro 8.Meghann Hausmann ex Meghann Hausmann
8.Molly McCollum 9.Katie Willcox
8.Andy Strobhar ex Jon Bonnet
9.Andy Strobhar ex Adam Kuntavanish
10.Molly McCollum
11.Katy Neal
12.Molly McCollum
13.Andy Strobhar
14.Molly McCollum
ex Katy Neal

4th 5th 7th
Honors Algebra 2/Trig Honors PreCalculus Honors Algebra 2/Trig
1.Erin Shafer 1.Kevin Riazzi 1.Sarah Part
2.Mark Eilerman 2.Amanda Reeber 2.Sarah Part
2.Erin Shafer 3.Katie McCormick 3.Sarah Part
3.Erin Shafer 4.Katie McCormick 4.Sarah Part
4.Colin Meyer 4.Amanda Reeber 5.Sarah Part
5.Michael Horwath 4.Kevin Riazzi 6.David Schrein
6.Colin Meyer 5.Kevin Riazzi 7.Sarah Part
7.Alex Payne 6.Amanda Reeber 8.Jason Bornhorst
8.Michael Horwath 7.Katie McCormick ex Sarah Part
ex Colin Meyer 8.Amanda Reeber ex Lyndsey Timpone
9.Katie McCormick
9.Lindsey Woeste
ex Kevin Riazzi

A Golden Pencil Award is earned by achieving the highest score
in a class on any test given by Mr. Peters.

Golden Pencils are prized for their:
1. chameleon-like qualities
2. good-luck-charm capabilities
3. quarter-average-raising abilities.

Congratulations to all of these students!

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