Golden Pencil
Award Winners

1st Semester 2001-2002

1st 2nd 3rd
Integrated Algebra I Honors PreCalculus Honors PreCalculus
Tyler Topp MaryPat Smith Amy Feldman
James Cabonce(t) Eric Laumann Mark Wagner
Ben Leal(t) Eric Laumann Tricia Beckman
Zach Freshwater Jamie Peters Matt Buehrle
Tyler Topp Eric Laumann Marianne Hinde
Tyler Topp Jamie Peters Marianne Hinde
Zach Freshwater MiLinda Nimmo(t) Marianne Hinde
Ben Leal(t) Jamie Peters(t) Jennifer Cahill
Tyler Topp(t) MaryPat Smith Bart Freeze
Ben Leal Jamie Peters Pat Clark
Ben Leal Eric Laumann Matt Buehrle
Steve Bristow(t) Mary McCrate Marianne Hinde
Zach Freshwater(t) David Lucking Bart Freeze
Zach Freshwater Jamie Peters
Tyler Topp
Zach Freshwater

4th 5th 7th
Honors Algebra 2/Trig Honors Algebra 2/Trig Pascal Programming
Lindsey Woeste Katie McCormick Jimmy Rose
Lindsey Woeste Amanda Reeber Dan Kohnen(t)
Leah Middelberg Kevin Riazzi Jimmy Rose(t)
Ryan Coyle Katie McCormick(t) Andy Severyn
Ali Hausfeld Kevin Riazzi(t) Andy Severyn
Lindsey Woeste Katie McCormick Andy Severyn
Katie Willcox Tony Bell Jen Storer
Emily Wenker Lauren Cushman(t) Kristen Barre(t)
Bob Neff Katie McCormick(t) Andy Severyn(t)
Ryan Coyle Kevin Riazzi(t)
Alyssa Schaeff Tony Bell
Amanda Reeber
Amanda Reeber
Amanda Reeber(t)
Kevin Riazzi(t)

2nd Semester 2001-2002

1st 2nd 4th
Integrated Algebra I Honors PreCalculus Honors PreCalculus
Zach Freshwater MaryPat Smith Jennifer Cahill
Zach Freshwater Jamie Peters Tricia Beckmann(t)
Zach Freshwater Eric Laumann Marianne Hinde(t)
Zach Freshwater Jamie Peters Mark Wagner
Tyler Topp MaryPat Smith Marianne Hinde
Ben Leal Jamie Peters Jennifer Cahill(t)
James Cabonce Jamie Peters Marianne Hinde(t)
Tyler Topp MaryPat Smith Marianne Hinde
Zach Freshwater MaryPat Smith David Lucking
Zach Freshwater(t) Jennifer Cahill
Catherine Gabriele(t) Jennifer Cahill
Ben Leal

3rd 5th 7th
Honors Algebra 2/Trig Honors Algebra 2/Trig Pascal Programming
Kevin Riazzi Ali Hausfeld Jimmy Rose(t)
Mary K. Farrell(t) Matt Hurr Andy Severyn(t)
Lindsey Woeste(t) Tony Bell Andy Severyn
Emily Wenker Kate Bauer(t) Andy Severyn
Amanda Reeber(t) Jordan Mezoff(t) Jimmy Rose
Lindsey Woeste(t) Joe Negrelli John Hurr
Amanda Reeber Katie McCormick John Hurr
Kevin Riazzi(t) Katie McCormick
Emily Wenker(t) Ryan Coyle
Gerrod Beade Katie McCormick
Amanda Reeber
Amanda Reeber(t)
Kate Willcox(t)
Lindsey Woeste(t)

A Golden Pencil Award is earned by achieving the highest score in a class on any test given by Mr. Peters.
Golden Pencils are prized for:
1. their chameleon-like qualities
2. their good-luck-charm capabilities
3. their quarter-average-raising abilities.

Congratulations to all of these students!

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