Golden Pencil Award Winners

1st Semester 2000-2001

1st 3rd 7th
Hon Alg2/Trig Hon Alg2/Trig Hon Alg2/Trig
Katie Pfahler Jamie Peters Matt Buehrle(t)
Rob Timpone MaryPat Smith Jennifer Cahill(t)
Mary McCrate Nathan Denlinger Marianne Hinde(t)
Juliet Newbury Jamie Peters Ashley Reyer
John Gallagher Pat Clark(t) Matt Buehrle(t)
Katie Pfahler Jamie Peters(t) Mark Wagner(t)
Juliet Newbury Meg Haley(t) Eric Laumann(t)
Kristen Budde Kyle Lammlein(t) Ashley Reyer(t)
Chelsea Besser Jamie Peters(t) Eric Laumann
John Gallagher Kyle Lammlein Amy Feldman(t)
Mary McCrate(ex) Kyle Lammlein Paul Rogero(t)
Jamie Peters Eric Laumann
Jamie Peters Eric Laumann
Meg Haley(ex) Amy Feldman
Jennifer Cahill(t)
Eric Laumann(t)
Stacy Singer(t)
Ashley Reyer(ex)

5th 6th 4th
Hon PreCalc Hon PreCalc Prog Pascal
Katie Reid Mary Eilerman Greg Raffio
Bill Doncaster Jack Knellinger Michael Grant
Bill Doncaster Kristen Barre Katie Freking
Bill Doncaster Kristen DeCelle Ben Freeze(t)
Jason Frye(t) Kristen Decelle Lauren Hellmann(t)
Andy Severyn(t) Mike Bianco Katie Freking
Bill Doncaster(t) Kristen DeCelle(t) Dan Trombley
Gina Disalvo Becky Payne(t) Katie Freking(ex)
Bill Doncaster Mary Eilerman
Mona Motekallem Kristen DeCelle
Andy Severyn Mary Eilerman
Jason Frye Kristen DeCelle(ex)
Bill Doncaster(ex) Mary Eilerman(ex)
Eric Hoying (ex)
Lauren Roach(ex)

2nd Semester 2000-2001

1st 3rd 7th
Hon Alg2/Trig Hon Alg2/Trig Hon Alg2/Trig
John Gallagher (t) Juliet Newbury Marianne Hinde
Mary McCrate (t) Jamie Peters Jennifer Cahill
Ashley Reyer Mark Wagner Katelynn Grunewald(t)
Mary McCrate Kristen Budde(t) Eric Laumann (t)
Nathan Denlinger Jamie Peters(t) Marianne Hinde
John Gallagher MaryPat Smith Marianne Hinde
Mary McCrate Jamie Peters Jennifer Cahill
Mary McCrate MaryPat Smith Eric Laumann
Leigh Wabler MaryPat Smith Eric Laumann
Mary McCrate Bart Freeze(t) Marianne Hinde(ex)
Nathan Denlinger(ex) Dayna Raju(t)
Kyle Lammlein(ex) Matt Buehrle(ex)
Katie Romer(ex) Jamie Peters(ex)
MaryPat Smith(ex)

5th 6th 2nd
Hon PreCalc Hon PreCalc Prog Pascal
Becky Payne Bill Doncaster Greg Raffio
Becky Payne Kim Burr (t) Michael Grant(t)
Kristen Barre(t) Mary Eilerman(t) Lauren Hellmann(t)
Katie Reid(t) Mary Eilerman Greg Raffio
Dan Capizzi Bill Doncaster Ben Freeze
Kristen DeCelle Kim Burr Greg Raffio(ex)
Dan Capizzi(t) Mary Eilerman
Kristen DeCelle(t) Bill Doncaster(t)
Gina Disalvo Mary Eilerman(t)
Dan Capizzi Jon Lumpkin(t)
Dan Capizzi(t) Jason Frye
Kristen DeCelle(t) Mary Eilerman(t)
Kristen Barre Eric Hoying(t)
Katie Reid(ex) Bill Doncaster
Mary Eilerman(ex)

A Golden Pencil Award is earned by achieving the highest score in a class on any test given by Mr. Peters. Golden Pencils are prized for their chameleon-like qualities, their good-luck-charm capabilities, and their quarter-average-raising abilities.
Congratulations to all of these students!

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