This is my forum for my soon to be home. I will be moving to Washington June 1 of 2002. Below are some pictures of the wonderful state of Washington. Simply click the thumbnail below to see the large picture.


A seaweed boat next to a toothpaste factory.? I bet you didn't know seaweed was in toothpaste.

Carbon River with Mt. Rainier in the background.? Those rocks were a bitch to walk on.

The river looks like this all year round.

I couldn't of taken a better picture if it was handed to me.

PURE spring water from Chenuis Falls. Beat's bottled water

I know, quality sucks, Mindy took this one and she was shaky.

Truly breathtaking

Puget Sound River

The smoke you see is from a junkyard fire.

The smell was enough to kill the moment.

If the smoke wasn't fucking up the pic you would be able to see Tacoma in the back.

After driving a bit I found a spot where the smoke wasn't as bad as the other area.