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    Ah yes, now you want to know what I do with my free time outside of my hobbies. Well here it is, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Every Saturday night at midnight I step out of my normal body and jump into a realm that nobody sees during the day. When I'm at the show I'm a completely different person. In fact many people will ask me what's wrong when I'm not at the show. All I can tell them is, is "This is how I really am." Most people don't understand it so I guess I'll use this piece of website to try to explain why I act differently when I'm at the show vs. when I'm in "day-by-day" mode.

I LOVE to act. I love to act when ever I can. And when I'm at the show I can turn off my normal mild mannered self and kick on the wild side. I get my adrenalin pumping and the next thing you know I'm running around the theatre like a chicken with my head cut off and screaming callbacks at the top of my lungs. And at the same time I'm "shedding a little light on the subject" by spotting the cast while they do their thing. Sounds like a lot of course but it has become a second nature for me. When I'm not doing Spot light I'm normally acting. So far I've acted at Brad, Dr. Scott and...FRANK-N-FURTER. If your morbid enough to want to see me as Frankie feel free to visit the cast site and dig for the "tech crew switch night" pics. There you'll see not only me but the rest of the tech crew playing the parts of cast as an April fools joke to the audience. Before I slip off the subject, when I'm done lighting the show and cleaning up the theatre I go home and the moment I walk into my apartment door I'm back to normal Chip. Of course from time to time I keep the persona while I'm at cast parties and get-togethers with fellow Rocky goers. All in all I just love to pretend. I guess it's the kid in me trying to poke threw and live a fantasy.

For those of you who don't know what The Rocky Horror Picture Show is, it is a story about a couple who got stuck on a back road and when they go to a castle to use the phone they find themselves in quite a predicament. But it's a 2 hour show that I couldn't explain in writing without having a script handy so I'll simply point you to the logo at the top of the page. It will take you to our cast website where you can learn a little more about us and the show. OR better yet, come and see us perform in person and listen to the movie. Yes I said listen and not watch. I think I'm the only person that watches the movie in the theatre, and that's simply for call back purposes.

To sum it all up, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a real/live Mystery Science Theatre 3000 with a twist. We get to yell at the movie, throw things at each other, toilet paper a theatre, laugh our asses off, and not get kicked out of the movie for it. It's all fun for all where you can let loose and be yourself and nobody judges you for anything. Freedom of expression is one of our key principals at Rocky, and the last thing you'll see us do is tell you not to let loose and be yourself. So come see us, relax, and have fun. I hope to see you there and always remember...don't dream it....be it!!