So now you want to know about my religion. Allrighty then, the name of my religion is Antidisestablishmentarianism. Try to say that 5 times fast...or one time slow for that matter. Not only is it the longest word in the english language but it's the least known religion in the world. I spent a LONG time searching for a form of religion. I can actually pinpoint the moment I decided Antidisestablishmentarianism. I was in a book store just looking around and I just so happen to walk into the "religion" section. I stoped for a moment and looked at ALL the books about religion. It all occured to me at that moment. I told myself "None of these religions can be 100% right....nor can any of these religions be 100% wrong. So I went home and hopped online and began looking into the vast world of the internet to find the type of religion that involves all the religions. I found that William Shakespear was the first to have the religion of Antidisestablishmentarianism. He made the word as it is broken down. Anti = Against...Dis = Being against...Establishent = anybody saying what's right or wrong to believe in. I know it's complicated but I'll try and explain more. There is "one" primary Bible with an "Old" and "New" Testament. I simply read these bibles and draw NOT conclusions and beliefs, but "Ideas". You see, you can't change a belief, but you can change an Idea as much as you want. So many people have came up with their own depiciton of what the bible says and have made SOOOOO many different beliefs that there is NO possibility that any of them can be 100% right or wrong. I believe there is a God, heck I've seen more than enough proof that there is at least a higher power working things down here. I believe there is a Positive and Negative, roughly translated Heaven and Hell. Differences being that some people feel that Hell for example is being burned in fire and inferno, other religions feel that hell is darkness and silence. Yet with Antidisestablishmentarianism, there is no way of knowing 100% what the afterlife is, just that there is a good and bad/positive and negative. It would take me about 1000K of space to compleatly explain my religion so I'll point you to a rather funny movie about my religion. The movie is called "Dogma" with Jay and Silent Bob. To understand my religion simply ignore the Cathlolic side trail and look at what the movie is explaining or more specificly everything Rufus "Chris Rock" says threwout the movie. If you compleatly understand what the movie is'll understand my religion. Enjoy the movie and feel free to if you have any questions.