These are some pictures of Old Man's Cave. It's basically a small split in the earths crust that goes down about 300 feet or so depending on where you are in it. It's a great place to get exercise. It's about 3 miles long so if you wanted to go all threw it it'd take up the largest portion of your day, but the sites are breathtaking as you can see in the thumbnails below. The pics are from Cedar Falls at the end/beginning of the caves. Click the thumbnails below to see the larger images.?

Cedar Falls...I know it's more of a trickle.

I got there at a good time of day.

The position of the sun made the falls look different from different standing points.

Remarkable how the sun works in Old mans cave.

Like I's a loooooong way up/down.

Ladies and Gentleman....THE ROCK!!!

Did I mention how the sun makes this look really really beautiful?


......Cedar falls......

The water only came up about 3 feet.

This tree shows that the river was REALLY high
at one point.

Another angle of the tree that once was under water.

Odd thing is you can stand on the ledge and look down without any form of blockade.

The cave you see above the falls is where the Chief of the tribe lived.

Black water cliff.

Mind and my forehead do NOT mix.