WARNING!!! Reading my statements on my views of hell may very well change the way you think about me. I strongly suggest that if you do indeed read my views here, that you have a COMPLETELY opened mind, and try to understand what I'm trying to say. Because I have a very hard time putting my thoughts about religion into words, so you may think I'm talking directly to you "which I'm not" and get pissed at me for hating the world, "which I don't". So please read carefully and try to understand what I'm trying to say.

I have never been to hell, and hopefully I won't have to for that matter. After studying many many religions I find that once hell was probably nothing but the absence of god. Now I've also never been in the presence of God, but I'm sure that existing alone in silence, without having God hear my prayers would be punishment enough. But of course when humans came along we had to change the entire aspect of hell. Of course your thinking, how can we simple minded humans be capable of one tenth the evil that satan may be capable of. Well the answer is simple really....."Evil is an abstract", or a human construct. But true to our irresponsible nature, we won't own up to being hells engineer, so we blame our dark deeds on Satan. Our selfishness is limitless, and it's not enough to shadow our own existence, so we turned hell into a suffering pit. Fireing...wailing, darkness. The kind of place anyone would want to get out of. And why, because we lack the ability to forgive ourselves. It is beyond our abilities to simply make personal reprehends for the sins we commit. We choose rather to make a psycho drama and dwell in a phallus believe that God could never forgive our grievous offenses. So we bring our guilt and our inner decay with us to hell. Where the macabre imagination of so many gluttons for punishment gave birth to the sickness that has altered and changed the abyss since the first one of our kind arrived there..."begging" to be physically punished. And in doing so, we have transformed the once simple cold silent solitude, to pain, suffering, and misery.