Ok, first off I'm sure your noticing how dull this page looks. Well let me explain one thing too you. There is nothing more annoying to me than clicking a link on the internet then being able to go out to dinner and a movie, coming home and noticing that it's still loading. I very easily could make this a 20MB website that takes hours to download and (if it ever ends) have a wonderful looking site, BUT I have no intention of trying to make my penis seem larger by showing off how much I can do. Ok...now I've confused you with that remark so let me explain.

As an example, a girl once told me that men who rev the engines to their car's and/or squeal their tires and/or turning up their stereo to the maximum setting are trying to make them look big and tough. The reason they need to make them look big and tough is to draw your attention away from their small penis' and to their big cars/big tire squealing/big loud sound systems. I on the other hand could care less how big my penis is. There are more things to worry about in life than the size of our penis guys. . . . .so I am going to keep my page simple and too the point. This way you can see my site and learn about me without having to worry about waiting and waiting for my page to load.