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Website services:

Bill Janney of Gunstock Carving writes...

"Simply the best! He maintains, updates, and programs my website. He understands what I want and does it. If I ask for suggestions, he provides valuable knowledge and ideas to help me every step of the way. I would not go to anyone else."

Marketing and Database services:

Manufacturing Company in Dayton, Ohio writes...

" setup my mailing list of current customers, designed my brochures, created a post card mailing campaign and database. This marketing campaign has brought us over $300,000.00 in new sales to our company.

For our shop database, we were faced with a serious Y2K issue. Our shop database, purchase from a major job shop software company, would not generate dates past 12/31/99. The upgrade to this software was $17,500.00 and had features we did not need or want. The software company also told us they would have to convert the old program to a windows base Visual Basic program costing thousands more. was called in to see if they had a solution. We were also looking at purchasing another "package software". Some of these packages cost up to $20,000.00. suggested a custom built database by them, that would fit our needs now but would also grow with us. We now have a Access database customized for our shop and inspection department that no "software package" could have even come close. PS We saved a lot of money with's database solution - a lot!

Computer Services

Manufacturing Company in Trotwood, Ohio writes...

" computer expertise is critical to our operation. We can not wait for the local computer store to free up a bench to "work us in". VAOffice comes on site, troubleshoots, and if they can't repair the trouble here, they returns our computer within 24 hours - in most cases. Sometimes, VAOffice can troubleshoot our problem right over the phone. We can not afford to be without our PC's. We can't afford to go anywhere else for our PC needs"



Access 2000 Windows 95/98 Beg/Int/Adv
PowerPoint 2000 Windows95/98 Beg/Int/Adv
Word 2000 Windows95/98 Beg/Int/Adv
Excel 2000 Windows95/98 Beg/Int/Adv
Outlook 2000 Windows 95/98 Beg/Int
Flash 4 Beg/Int
Fireworks 3 Beg/Int
Dreamweaver 3 Beg/Int
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