Monday, October� 21���� Weekday���

8:00 a.m.��Russell Donahue

Tuesday,�October� 22��� Weekday���

8:00 a.m.� Suzanne Rossi

Wednesday, October�� 23�Weekday

8:00 a.m.���� Ida Stein

Thursday,� October�� 24���Weekday

8:00 a.m.���� Maurice and Irma DeBrosse

Friday,��� October� 25����� Weekday

8:00 a.m.��� Aloysius and Stella Hirsch

Saturday,�October��26���� Weekday

5:30 p.m.�� Mary Bors

Sunday,����October��27� Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time������

7:30 a.m.������������� Tommy Osust

9:00 a.m.������������� Lincoln McGill

11:30 a.m.� St. Mary Community

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