My weekends are not boring.� Thus last Friday I was invited out to dinner after returning home from an ordination class reunion in Oklahoma City.� The men�s discussion group is always a real joy.� These men of deep faith say that these Saturday morning sessions make a difference in their lives.� The subject of their discussion last Saturday was heroes.� Later in the morning, Hospice called me to visit Lincoln McGill.� I celebrated with his family the Sacrament of the Sick.� That afternoon I took a bike ride, visited Rose Poast in the hospital, and prepared for Mass.� Saturday night I went to the opera, La Boheme, in Middletown.� After celebrating three Masses on Sunday morning I went to the Cathedral to join the priests and people at Mass with the newly ordained bishop, Daniel Conlon.� This was followed by a dinner at the seminary for the priests.� Sunday night I met with our priest support group in Dayton.

We received a letter from Father Angel who is at our twinning parish in Ecuador.� He is literally working himself to death.� He writes: ��Dear Family,� I hope that everything is ok with you all, Yes, this father Angel, that finally have the time to sit down and write you a few words.� First of all I want to ask for your forgiveness for the long time that took me to have some communication with you.� The work here, in Quininde, never ends and the truth is that here we need a lot of missionaries in order to preach the word of God to all the habitants but the truth is that we are a few missionaries for all.� At the present time I am having a three days out of work.� My health is not in good shape at the present time because I have not a free time to rest due to a lot of communities that I reach them using horses.� To some of these communities I have to spend 8 hours on horseback in order to reach them.� Even though I have a back problems, that I am tired, that I do not good sleep and other things, I am happy to be here doing the little I can.� Sincerely yours, Fr. Angel Camorlinga Maldonado, MCCJ�

Everyone is Welcome come and join us!

From the desk of:

Fr. Joseph Burening