Travel light. This allows you to carry more loot and you don't risk losing stuff you didn't need to be carrying. ALWAYS expect an attack and you will be prepared.

Devise a tactical plan with the group before adventuring (i.e. who will heal if needed, who will be the lead attacker, etc.) � A well thought out plan can keep a combat situation from turning into a "who is doing what?" panic situation.

Concentrate on attacking one person/monster until they are dead.� If you let up to attack another you only give them time to recover.� Attack and eliminate the strongest opponents first.� Its better to spend your valuable time eliminating the opponent that is doing YOU the most damage (i.e. attack and defeat an Orc Mage before worrying about the Mongbat as the mage is nailing you with spells!)�

Know your weapons and spells both defensive and offensive.� Are they the right tool for the job?� With regard to spells....Don't forget about ones like Magic Reflection, Arch Protection, Paralyze, and Mana Drain.� Look to the Use of Magery Section (BELOW) and the link to Stratics on that page for more information on using spells.

Carry a bundle of Greater Heal potions to drink when fighting.� This makes healing possible without wasting mana or regs. � A few Greater Cure potions are also good to have.

Some skills require that your opponent must stop moving to best be able to hit you.� This is a good time to launch a Greater Explosion potion at his/her feet.� Remember though to keep your distance as the explosion can harm you as well.

Make use of the ALLNAMES feature in Ultima.� I recommend making it a macro that you can use quickly.� It allows you to see red and gray names immediately and can even show you who is inside of a building or structure.

Spell macros can make combat strikes and retreats faster.� A macro that casts recall for example is much faster than opening your pack, opening your book, finding the correct spell, and then clicking. � A macro for opening your backpack is also a good idea.� Save your your butt.

KEEP MOVING!� Use the landscape. � Make yourself hard to target by being under a tree.� Enough said!

Before going to town make sure you are not gray from a potential error in judgement and make sure actions will not cause you to go gray once there.� ALSO remember some spells lose their effect when inside town boundaries.

Escape runes.� IS yours marked at a busy area in town where you are likely to be BLOCKED when you most need to recall??? �

When you get some great loot take it and drop it at the bank.� Is the few regs to mark and recall worth more than the Crossbow of Vanquishing you just got?

Keep a restock of supplies in the bank. � This way if you get killed you can resupply and recover fast.

NEVER instant resurrect!� This is a BIG TIME MISTAKE in judgement.� Stuff can more easily be replaced compared to even a couple of skill points lost by this process.� Besides you are likely to only die again as you are left weak.� I recommend the setting in OPTIONS that automatically has you play as a ghost.