���������� � ...on that fateful day

������� ������������������� Long ago in days past these events unfolded.� Long before the birth of Mondain the evil mage.� It was a time when only the Dragons of the world held the knowledge to the magical arts. They dabbled wisely in their art for many a hundred decade without any other man or beast learning of their secrets. � Eventually these noble beasts became masters of this very powerful and mystical art called magic.

������������������� Amongst this group of marvelous beasts there arose a young group of Dragons.� Foolish in their youth, they sought to teach their secrets to their friends the Forest Elves.� This young group of Dragons had not quite mastered the art of magic as they so believed but yet they pushed forward in their endeavor and taught their forest friends the Elves.

������������������� The young Clan of Forest Elves, deeply honored, became fast learners of the arcane magic.� Many months passed as these Elves became like grandmasters, throwing magic with the same ease as a mere glance.� Little did they suspect that a most terrible side effect was fast developing from this training.� Some of the magic that was taught was altered in its teachings...in a way that would have disastrous effects.� With every powerful miscasting by the innocent Elves, a huge dimensional vortex was somewhere being strengthen...growing in magnitude.

������������������� In the joy of the seeming completion of their magical training, the Elves planned a grand feast to honor their youthful Dragon teachers.� They made food and drink of all types, danced, and made pleasant music.� They then began to cast wonderful magics upon the feast and upon one another to add to the festivities.� These actions marked the moment when a terrible yet wondrous event happened. � In sudden bursts of magical energy, a tremendous vortex was freed from distant dimension.� Freed from where it had grown to immense proportions and massive strength.� This powerful vortex quickly flooded forth to meet the unsuspecting Elves and Dragons and began engulfing them all.� They began to glow in its deep purple haze.� The Elves were helpless to escape and the young Dragons were pursued despite the mightiest of wings attempting to carry them far from this unknown magic.�� The vortex led chase until the last of the young Dragons were gobbled up in its merciless pursuit.

������������������� Upon swallowing the last of the young Dragons the vortex exploded in a horrendous purple wave of fire and lightning.� Many corpses of Dragon and Elf alike littered the forest floor. � Their broken bodies lay strung about.� ������������ There was a brief silence before the mere handful of� survivors of this vortex awakened.� No Elf survived.� None of the young Dragons survived.� Nay...a new kind of survivor was born amidst these fallen.� Young Dragon Elves had been born!� Their heads awash with both the thoughts of the Dragon and the Elf. � They looked strangely to be human in appearance yet their thoughts were keen...their blood flowed with Dragon blood...their eyes gleamed with Elfin clarity.� To this day nobody can discern what powerful magic had bestowed the world with this new race...the Dragon Elf!

������������������� These young Dragon Elves knew very well of the vortex and the explosion.� Their memories seemed borrowed from both the Dragons and the Elves yet they knew not how they came to exist as they did.� They fled the scene returning deep into the forests to live and raise their clan as before. Always guarding their secret and forever knowing what truly happened to the Forest Elves and young Dragons on that fateful day.