����� � �� �� 4.20.00� The guild is undergoing some major changes geared toward unifying and making us stronger fighters in the PvP arena!� The reasons for this change is clear...too many people are getting too much skill too fast without knowledge of its use in combat. � While skill advancement is important, we too often are getting "newbie fighters" with grandmaster skills coming to join CDE.� Furthermore...too many of CDE are spending time training these new players skills only to find they are not able to fight worth a damn.� With this in mind..It will now be a harder PvP test to enter into CDE.� We will also be fighting more multiple person battles in combat fights to ensure we are trained at team PvP skills.� Thank you and lets make ourselves ultimate fighters by TRAINING IN COMBAT!� P.S. Dont forget to challenge 2 v 2 instead of 1 v 1.

����� � �� �� 3.22.00� The first guild wars are being planned.� I have opened up to the idea of making war with some guilds such as the Shadow Clan Orcs and the undead of Necropoliss (Crimson Alliance)!� This is to appease those I feel have been feeling the sudden urge to war and have no outlet and have been acting foolishly in their methods to try to stir up wars. � These wars will also provide some safety to those that are not yet ready as these guilds are not likely to come to the training house and kill the newer training members. � While this is our first wars I do not want anyone to think they have the right to discuss stuff of this nature behind my back as it effects the guild as a whole! Therefore...if you have something to say or even just wanna voice an opinion then you know how to contact me!� I think the misconception everyone has with war is that it makes PvP. And while I agree it will be fun (eventually when more are ready) I also know I get my best fights from fighting reds and grays and have no problem finding such engagements. � Let it be known I wish feedback from all on how you feel about these coming wars.

� �� �� � Remember we need some recruits!� New recruits should be referred to the ADE website and then should be introduced to Dragonheart, Porthos and Kain for evaluation of character and skills.� Remember to get their ICQ numbers into the book at the training house.