Clan Of the Dragon Elves

"The C.O.D.E."

Additional Information and Rules will be posted on this page!


Most of this information will be pertaining to CDE only and failure to follow them will result in not obtaining rank, reduction in rank, and/or dismissal from CDE!



This is a guild of roleplaying with the overall intention being to have fun and support each other.  Members are to be thoughtful, honest, and adventuresome.  FRIENDSHIP is to be the overall guide!   If the guild gets too big as to not support this ideal then no further members will be taken.  I anticipate a lot of good things and will not tolerate those who do not see this point of view!


STEPS FOR NEW MEMBERS (and their recruiter)

Recruiter should do the following for new members:

    1)  Point them toward guild website and inform them of roleplay aspects and answer general questions (meaning you should know the stuff too so you can answer questions)

    2)  Sponsor them in their activities including introducing them to others, helping them with training knowledge and training, and generally be responsible for seeing they get to training house and have marked runes, etc.

     3)  Get in contact with Kain to add them to stone as soon as possible.

    4)  Get them in touch with Dragonheart so he can friend them to house and add them to ICQ list.  THIS INCLUDES MAKING SURE THEY ARE ADDED TO ICQ BOOK AND THAT THEY GET OTHERS' ICQ FROM THAT BOOK!

    5)  Set a good example as a roleplayer including following guidelines for speech and dress as outlined in other areas of this website.  Many have been letting this slide or go unmentioned when they see a violation.  It is up to you to see that your guild is the best it can be by living as a true a true example of a good player!



The ranks have been established and it is to be known that NO rank is to be asked for!  When you are ready you may politely inform a higher up who will let the guildmaster know this.   When doing this you should observe chain of command!  If you ask me for a rank you will wait longer as this shows impatience! The ranks in order of authority will be as follows from lowest to highest:

All ADE ranks


Knight/Knightess - Ethereal Priest/Divine Priestess

Paladin - Shaman/Shaman Priestess

Warlord/War Priestess - Sorcerer/Sorceress


Elder Chieftain

In absence of a higher rank the highest rank available at that location shall be in charge of decision making process.  In addition nobody below Paladin rank is to make decisions involving guild importance and nobody below this rank may lead a guild adventure.  Paladin level may lead an adventure after approval of a higher ranking officer and Warlords may freely lead such adventures without the notification of leadership.

Further assigned ranks may include Diplomat who is assigned to make contact with other guilds for wars and alliances and Scouts who may be assigned to check into a situation and get spy information.  These ranks are also assigned and nobody should ask for them nor will their title be announced to others!

On guild adventures someone may be assigned to hold the guild treasure along with another assigned as personal guard to him or her.  In the event of being under full or notable attack the person carrying treasure will recall with the items to drop them off safely and then immediately return to fight with other members.



NO stealing!

NO looting of blue corpses!

NO begging!

NO disloyalty to clan or members!

NO player killing or assisting anyone who does!

SHARE resources and knowledge with others!

HELP injured clan members!

PASS ON useful information you learn!

GATHER AND HOLD fallen members items for them!



Ceremonies will include the following and when one of these is posted and scheduled you should make all attempts at being present to participate/help with them.  These events are lots of fun and many are more fun if we have everyone in attendance!


Rank Ceremonies

PVP Night (also known as Gankfest)

PVP Training Night

Dungeon Treks




Wars will be declared by the guild after decision by the chieftains and only with guilds that are negative in notoriety and intentions. 

Alliances will presently be restricted to roleplay guilds only and again is a decision by the Chieftains.



This location is for training of ADE, CDE, and other allied guilds only.  It is to be properly kept with NO items left about on the floor that may interfere with training and/or cause extra unnecessary lag (YES..extra stuff causes lag!) Also...NO PERSONAL STORAGE is to take place there!



There has been some concern about contacting of higher ups for matters of gating, saving you from monsters, helping transfer stuff from banks, etc.  I wish to make it known that while we would like to help in all of these situations we are often very busy with many things concerning the guild.   These duties include everything from updating this website to trying to get some playing time in ourselves.  This leaves little time to gate you from distance corners of the globe every time you die and lose a rune.  Please do your best to keep plenty of runes to supply your character and have enough magery skill to get where you need to go. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this far.