N39� 31.698' W84� 05.062'

Current Weather Conditions at Waynesville, Ohio
Location: Waynesville, Ohio USA
Report Generated: 12/19/03   6:05:30a 
Updated every 5 minutes.
Archive Data

Hi: 47.7 F on
12/16/03 4:08p
Low: 24.9
F on12/18/03 4:20a

  Hi: 91% on
12/16/03 2:57p
Low: 65
% on 12/16/03 5:07a


Dew Point:21.1�F
Heat Index:26.4�F
Wind Chill:22.3�F
Total Rainfall:48.34in.
Rainfall Today:0.35in.
Barometer: 29.91in. (steady)
The highest Windspeed reading was 30.0mph recorded on 12/16/03 9:48a
The lowest Dew Point reading was 18.8�F recorded on 12/17/03 7:07p

Conditions Inside Waynesville, Ohio - Weather Forcast Office
Inside Temperature: 72.5�F
Inside Humidity: 24%
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